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Manufacturers are selling the code sets to them at an additional cost. The codes will never be in the public domain.

It is a profitable path for manufacturers to follow.

Not sure how much a set of codes costs but it won't be cheap and some suppliers may pay a premium for exclusive supply, a lot of companies have very close

links to the manufacturers.


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What some people are doing is buying one of each key in a series from the manufacturer/supplier, this will give you an idea how much the codes cost.

A colleague bought the Cyberlock P Series for about AUD$2500. He provided Instacode 10% of the codes, understandably he wants a return on investment on the rest.

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Not sure if you have looked at InstaCode also . 

Below is a snip of the MLM sections (Not to sure on Eurofit) , there are missing codes in places , but maybe the correct codes you need too . 

This works with many different machines, including Silca Machines . 







Regards Tony 


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