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I've rotated the overall image (to make the new key horizontal), then rotated one part of the image relative to the rest (to make the original key horizontal), outlined the new key and pasted the red line onto the original key, it can be seen that the copy is larger than the original key.


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viper is a proper work horse , but its value has dropped for a number of reasons preventing people from wanting one 

1) its size and weight

2) its now limited coverage on a number of new keyways like hu162 as a for instance

3) the fact that its probably going to be hard to get parts in the future for it

4) the emergence of cheap china machines aimed at the new starts 

face it the average auto set up just setting up wants maximum coverage so will look at the machines that give the most coverage , most these days dont look at the mainstream machines when setting up , with uk suppliers and resellers online pushing the latest cheap china machines promising the earth , the additional coverage the add ons of key reading software to save them learning their trade and all at a fraction of the price , its easy to say why china has dominence , especially with the new starts , scammers and messers.

my viper has given 18 years of service , still working daily , never missed a beat despite being on van , has cut nearly 250k keys, and will still be working hard long after the new breed of futura , ninja and chinese offerings die and need replacing . superb investment and built to last.

so cheap now because of its limitations on coverage , the future parts being obtainable and of course the very cheap machines available now with more overall coverage , shame as one of best machines built for car keys.

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