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Umarq picture engraving add-on

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Hi guys and gals. 

Just wondering if anyone uses the umarq picture engraving add on and what is it like? 

From videos it looks like it essentially converts black and white images to dots at different gradients to define light and dark. 

Does it work OK? Worth the money? 

I get a bunch off orders each year asking for photos on lighters and keyrings. Though I'm a graphics guy I can normally make something work regardless. I'm just looking to make life easier with my post Christmas cash. 


Kind regards. 


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The software works very well once you get your head a round it, you can get really good results.

However, the problem is the time it takes to engrave the image and whether you can charge enough for your time. There are loads of muppets online doing them for pennies so competing against them is impossible! 

We stopped offering them as a service as people didn't the price we were quoting. 


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