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When I'm engraving acrylic or brass with a nose cone, I always protect the surface with adhesive vinyl. I was just wondering if any of you had come up with a quicker way, than using a scalpel and tweezers, to weed out the little bits of vinyl from the middle of the letters. Sometimes the clean up can take longer to do that the engraving does.

Thanks, Valerie

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On 1/20/2023 at 11:55 AM, Michael said:

I weed the little middle of letter bits first with my finger nail. You can just scrape them without worrying about scratching the brass.

Then peel the large bit off last.

I've always done the big bit first,  but this makes much more sense :)

16 hours ago, Happy Dude said:

The edge of a clean piece of crepe removes all those annoying little bits on the a's and o's etc.

Just a gentle rub is all it takes, doesn't mark the plastic...

Definitely going to give this a go too :)


On 1/20/2023 at 7:55 PM, Paul_ said:

We have our machine hooked up to a dust extractor and most of the “middles” disappear during the engraving process. Very little is left to weed. 

I used to use a vacuum to clear all the debris as the engraving was done, but it never took out the middle bits. Not a chance of persuading Mark to get a dust extractor instead :0

Thanks for all your suggestions, Valerie

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