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19 hours ago, grahamparker said:

The fact it says Patented and has the suppliers details on the key are all pointing to it being restricted. Unless the company has gone bust you will need to go back through them.

I thought I'd ask because the  locksmith that supplied the lock has told the customer that it is not restricted ? , They are getting trading standards involved .

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A patent is designed to stop someone producing a key blank with that warding, all patents have a time limit on them, as that key has a fax number on it id say there is a good chance the patent has expired so the key would no longer be protected by the patent.

Has anyone bothered to produce a copy blank? probably not as it doesnt look like a fast seller.

That is my understanding of patents..........please feel free to correct me if im wrong.......i normally am :-D

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I have a key that looks very similar, with similar inscription style (laser etched?) and inscription text, but I don't think it had the locksmith name on there. The profile of mine is a Gege pExtra, @op's key could still be Gege. Lovely bitting though.

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