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Renata batteries running out quickly?

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I have noticed that quite a few watch battery customers are coming in for a replacement battery fitted in their watches only for me to discover that I put the last battery in ( looking at the date on the ticket I put inside the case when batteries are fitted ) I can see that most were fitted within 6 months. I only use Renata batteries from CB or Hd the dates on packets are 2024-2025. Anyone else find this happening? I see on some boxes they are made in china. Hope quality hasn't dropped.


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1 hour ago, cobblers.keys said:

made in china

Many products are, China is probably the largest manufacturer in the world.

Renata AG SA (Renata Batteries), based in Itingen, Switzerland. Will have their own manufacturing plant based in China.

We have no issues with any product :smt102


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I had a problem with Renata CR2023 with a **/25 date purchased from CousinsUK having only 2.90v-3v straight from the packet, but I bought new ones from them with a **/29 date and they are fine with a full 3.27v.

May just be a dodgy batch thing!!!

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