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Price For Stiletto Heel Replacement (Pair)

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I put my price up in July to £7 from £6. My court shoe heel repairs start at £8. Maybe stilettos price should match because court heels can sometimes be made using offcuts etc. Stiletto heel price now increased to £8.00 for straight forward replace but if block needs extra work then another £1.50 added to cost.

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1 hour ago, kobblers said:

Trusted cobblers in your area? Gimme a break. :roll:

I'm aware that many Timpson outlets are offering below par service. However some Timpson outlets are very well run. 

I don't think it's fair to say that there are not some good ones with some very good workers. 

Just because I would naturally support independents (as I am one), it would be unfair to exclude some highly rated outlets just because they fall under the Timpson brand.

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22 hours ago, abababa said:

Hi Guys,


From the feedback i have been getting in Facebook and social media due to inflation, I have updated the average price.   

Let me know your thoughts on this?  Are you higher or lower?




I assume you mean stiletto 'top-piece" replacement and not stiletto heel replacement.

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