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Not managed to find a blank that is the same, inner and outer dimensions do not match.

You can cut them but they tend to turn then jam up holding the key in the lock.

Even duplication on the Triax Pro we still have issues. We no longer attempt these just refer the customer back to Camlock systems.

Genuine keys cost a bloody fortune from them but work perfectly.

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12 minutes ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

Aren't these with octagonal internal profile also?

Not the one pictured, but there are some. There are also variants with 2 deep grooves on the outside edge that pass over a security pin then they cut sideways allowing the key to turn.

These are mostly fitted to high jackpot Gambling machines. I had a lock once and managed to copy a key using the manual adjustment on the silca software and then carefully dremelling the side cut. It was more to see if i could do it rather than doing it for a customer.

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