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Gravograph Fonts Database?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know of an online database for all of the gravograph or truetype fonts?

I only normally give my customers a choice of a few but occasionally I'm asked to match something and i find it very laborious to try and find a matching font using the software. Is there an online data base somewhere which would make it easier to identify fonts?


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To answer the first half of your question: You can get fonts from various online sources but usually they're a pain in the ass to navigate, they take you through multiple pages before letting you download, waiting, etc. A nice repository for fonts is quite simply Google Fonts (fonts.google.com) and it allows you to filter to specific categories to help you find the right one for you. They allow you to download various formats for use in different applications (including TrueType).

Then you changed your question to identifying fonts? There's 3 main sources for identifying fonts I use, they work ok, however they all mislead you with the download links so I won't link to them. If you want, I will make a longer response about identifying fonts online. It's one of those things you need to be smart about to do it properly and (relatively) efficiently since a lot of people are computer illiterate and such websites are designed to try get people to pay when you don't need to.

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