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Advice required on which manual cylinder machine to buy?

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I think it might be time to buy a new heavy duty cylinder machine for cutting volume keys. I currently have a bravo Europa used for around 20 years or so. However since the tension spring under the carriage was replaced it's dot been the same as it doesn't go left to right smoothly. I'm looking at the bravo professional, bravo Maxima or something along these lines. What benefits does one have over the other and is it worth the price difference? If anyone uses any of these or can give me their opinions I would appreciate it.

Thanks again 

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£950.00 PLUS VAT


Used 240v JMA Vienna heavy duty machine for cutting household cylinder, car and cruciform keys

Stylish, heavy duty and robust cylinder key machine. Additional features such as Electronic Calibration make this machine ideal for the professional key cutter

  • Stylish, robust and heavy duty design
  • Quick flip 4 way jaws
  • Unique electronic key cutting counter
  • Electronic Calibration
  • Semi automatic
  • Bright LED light
  • Nylon Brush
  • Auto key set guide
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The Keyline Carat is a great choice - as its designed by Keyline who used to own Silca so the design and quality as you expect with Silca is also in the Keyline machine . 




4 WAY JAWS, 640 rpm cutter speed
Duplicates cylinder, cruciform and Keyline’s horseshoe system car keys

Professional key cutting machine for flat keys for cylinder and car locks, and cruciform keys. The selection of the clamp side is especially simple, quick and convenient: just press the lifting lever to rotate the mechanism until the most appropriate face is displayed.

The specific button to start the supplied brush is a guarantee of safety. Moreover, the protection casing hermetic layout facilitates brushing and prevents swarfs from coming into contact with the transmission mechanisms. Safety, convenience, ease of use, flexibility and rapidity of cutting are the main advantages offered to the user, thanks to Carat’s technological novelties.


Conclusion - Silca and JMA machines a great machines, but i think this is great as its a little better value than Silca Bravo , and a little better quality than JMA Vienna 

Regards Tony 


Email Tony.Wilkin@jactools.co.uk                                                                                                                       


JAC Tools (Aylesbury Ltd) Unit 5, March Place, Gatehouse Way , Aylesbury, HP19 8UG


t:   01296 393936                                 m:   07985 606103


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