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1965 Mercedes SL230 replacement ignition cylinder key

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Howdy Folks,

Another locksmith over here has as customer with a 1965 Mercedes SL230, and would like a spare key made,

I believe this key goes to a replacement ignition cylinder assembly and that is why he cannot find a blank listed in the catalogs so far,

Here are photos of said key,

Any help with identification, Silca or other number,  part number, and or source if available would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You In Advance

1965 mercedes SL230.PNG

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On 12/10/2022 at 4:15 AM, 10ringo10 said:

Found this in my old SILCA catalogue.  1974 E.Aldridge

So awhile back it was founded in 1965 After checking 

The two Edwards ran it up till 2006

Ymos Neiman Witte Opel  SILCA made blanks https://imgur.com/a/RR5iA1w

For French Italian German usa keys ref. YM 2 or YM 1  key 16mm blade Neiman.  


Size looks good just different heads Made By SILCA 

Left and right keys ....and still available  Ym2 .

or YM1 Which is a bit shorter in overall lenght but as same length of blade.

YM 2R is reversed fyi.



None of these keys fitted the same style / profile ignition barrel for a customer of mine.

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