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Vibram teton unit repair cost? Is there a better unit to use?

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Just before lockdown I was charging £45 and doing quite a few pairs. Now the reason I ask is a customer who had a pair done from me then has bought a pair back in do repair them again the same way. I have now quoted her £60 due to increase of material etc she is having them done but did question the price difference. I was just curious on what other people are charging. I might still be a bit cheap??

Thanks again 

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Remember before lockdown would be nearly 3 years????

Prices could go up that much, in that time during normal circumstances.

I haven't put my prices up for over a year and people are moaning like I've doubled them in the last week!!

They hear everything is going up and the state of the  whole world, but it's like it doesn't include them.

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