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Heel Blisters from Shoes Patched by Cobbler

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Hello. After noticing holes in the right shoe's heel cup I decided to take it to a cobbler. He told me that both shoes will need to be patched to provide uniform comfort and to prevent wearout of second shoe. So I agreed and here are photos: https://postimg.cc/gallery/jxtHsDV

On my run I felt as if top edges are digging into my heels. The day later I noticed 1 blister on my right heel and 3 cm below a less pronounced irritated spot. On my left heel on the same level there was just a small wound.

One question I have is whether I can DIY here something without going back to cobbler because I would rather DIY if possibility exists that cobbler will make things worse. Maybe I could somehow soften the edges and to apply blister patch 3cm below on the right shoe to prevent friction of that spot? I actually saw adhesive foam patches for heel lining online like these below but thought the heel lining was too wornout for them to cover and stay there with no issue:


Another question is was cobbler supposed to use softer leather than the one he ended up using? I am don't like to be that guy who schools professionals to be frank. Here's a photo of someone's shoes who repaired them with soft leather for example: https://www.blister-prevention.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/leather-heel-wearing-hole-800.jpg

The leather that was used in my shoes seems rigid. Maybe I should have looked for a cobbler specializing in sports shoes and not just general shoes (assuming there are such)? His machinery looks like from older times and modern running shoes require modern means. He actually showed me one of running shoes he patched before that. All else I think the shoes are fine.


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What can be done with slightly leaning forward top edges to prevent them from digging into heels? There's 2mm gap between them and back-lining. Maybe put a glue in-between and press them backward to stay that way? I heard about quick and firm method where surfaces to be glued have baking soda powder applied and Super-Glue is used to bond them together. Don't want to screw it though.

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1 hour ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

Have you approached the repairer about your concerns with the repair?

I will on Sunday. Without baking soda does Super-Glue still dry rigid?
Not sure why cobbler used rigid leather patches. These are not general shoes after all.
Last time I asked him to repair one sports shoe he used pliable leather.

While I am waiting I thought about these foam pads ranging from 3mm - 5mm thickness:


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6 hours ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

Different scenario yes, but it still illustrates that there should not be any requirement to modify or adapt a professional repair.

Yes,i know, but the op specifically states he does not want to go back to the person that did his repair so what is he to do? Bin the trainers, pay again for another repairer to have a go or whack 3 quids worth of heel grip in that may just solve his problem?

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