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Has anyone got any experience with the Angelus range of shoe care from Birch?

With the apparent demise of Kiwi I need a good polish fill the parade gloss gap. I'm in a large military town and I am asked daily for Parade gloss...I have 3 black left now! 

Does anyone know if it bulls up any good? I have ordered some in to experiment with but wondered if anyone has any knowledge of the product.

I have tried Cherry blossom regimental gloss but my customers really don't like the brand even when I explain the regimental gloss is better than the standard polish (which doesn't even shine!)

Cheers, Paul 

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I had some not long ago and polished a customers shoes with it ( not bulling ) I didn't like using it to be honest, when applying it it became quite sticky and pasty when the air hit it and was harder work to buff because of it. End result was a standard shine nothing mind blowing in my opinion. There dyes and finishes are great though. 

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