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Below company helped me couple of years ago with these keys and did cut  couple keys for me, you need to send them a photo and the key code from the key if you don't have the key code card. Hope this helps.  
Thank you for your email. 

We do supply those keys. 

In order to cut spare keys we will either need:


  • The key card that originally came with the keys (this will be a credit card sized plastic card with TVL/4x4 printed on it. It will have the 7 digit code that we need to cut a new key)
  • If no key card the key will need to be brought into us at our depot in West Horndon, Essex.


Key cards are usually found with the vehicles documentation.


The keys are £15.23 ex vat per key, and £9.00 ex vat carriage.


Please let me know which option you would like to go with and I can place an order for you.


Thank you.

.  ....


Workshop Co-Ordinator | ProtectAVan Solutions LTD

Web: www.ProtectAVan.co.uk | Tel: 0333 444 2200

Please send all bookings/sales enquiries to bookings@ProtectAVan.co.uk

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