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There exists a company named The Restory
Website address

For anyone looking for their trading address which they do not disclose:

These people are located at Unit 002, Havelock Terrace, SW8 4AS
Contact telephone numbers for those in need are:
07809 362296
07455 803770
07445 354670
07931 362598

They approached us at Mathews Shoe Repairers, London SW12 9DX where we are open to the public, this is where we are at and not hiding. Telephone number 020 8675 7643

After trialling our work a few times over the last few years they finally one day reluctantly agreed to pay us a mutually agreed price for some services they could not commission anyone else to do for them at the quality they desired on high value shoes.

This would be for a discounted period of time, a transitional period.

They came with many shoes to repair, tags of which were attached to the shoes saying they had been received by them 4 - 5 months ago.

Once we had notified them the repairs had been completed as agreed within 7 working days they then attempted to dictate to us their 30 day payment of invoice policy.

We kindly had to explain to them that it is not up to them to now dictate to us our terms of business and that our payment terms have been clear from the beginning; that we have never offered them 30 days credit.

The agreement was that they were welcome to commission us for some fixed services at pre agreed prices and turnaround times. They will then come to inspect the goods, pay and leave with them as they are local.

After trying every trick in the book to have the shoes in their possession before paying us. i.e sending a private driver to collect the goods and promising a payment later in the afternoon. They then reluctantly came to personally inspect the goods, pay and leave.

Due to what I can only describe as criminal behaviour we had no choice but to have them sign a disclaimer for every pair before leaving to ensure that they were satisfied with the work carried out and to not hold us liable or responsible for any damage already on the shoes they were collecting.

They employed a few young people who all passed communicated to the next in order to kick the burden of responsibility as far away as possible from the management.

After collection we have now received an unscrupulous Google review and are now accused of some other damages to one pair related to some previous dog chewing and we are now being accused of theft of a pair even though they are all signed as collected personally.


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