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100 Glass Tankards

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Hi all.

I've received an enquiry for 100 glass tankards. This would be one of the biggest orders I've potentially done and unfortunately I only have a Diamond engravers (Suregrave rotation S and Umarq CX5)....I would use the Rotation S for this job as its so easy on the glass cutter tips.

The client wants 2 logos on a largish tankard that I stock. A test I've done has taken almost 1 hour for just one glass...way too much. i think.

I saw someone in another thread did 300 tankards (or glasses I don't remember) with Logos over the pandemic period on a diamond machine....no idea who that was, But wanted to get some indication of how how long it took them and what kind of quality/ settings did you go with. (balance Quality vs Speed vs glasses per cutter) 

I'm very wary of the wear and tear on the machine so not really sure how to price it in.

Any Advise would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,




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It was me that did the big order but the logo and lettering I got down to about 10 minutes each, and it was when I was shut during lockdown so had nothing else to do.

I would never do such an order again unless I farmed it out to someone with a laser or sandblaster.

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Yeah cheers guys.

I'm going to look to farming it out.

I've got an engraving contact near me who I've asked for a quote and he can take delivery then I collect the glasses from him myself as it sounds like the client wants them properly gift boxing as well so could become a logistical nightmare otherwise.

Cheers for the help all :)



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