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Dimple key ID assistance please V025453

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On 10/12/2022 at 9:14 AM, Party Marmalade said:

This is definitely the correct section and thickness but too short from shoulder to tip. Is there an alternative with same thickness, or is anyone selling the originals?

Today, I find myself agreeing with this. The length difference to a Greenteq original is 0.4mm, enough to let a key just spin in a euro, without doing anything to the cam. Our first bodge attempt is to cut the shoulders back by 0.4mm.

Would anyone be willing to part with a  second hand cylinder, so that I could find a blank and publish it here?

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There's a few possibilities that could be longer but I don't have the q locks on stock to check (terrible normal locks don't know if these are any better) but here's a few suggestions that may work,

The yales, ya-280d etc

Jma kae-10d

Jma ap-4

Jma ucem-13d

Jma ucem-8d

Jma cvl-9d

Jma yar-2

Jma mcm-10

Jma lin-19d

Jma dlt-1d

Jma gda-4d

Jma fav-d

Jma ap-1d

Jma amg-10

Jma stn-1d

Jma wan-1d

I presume the mtl garrison / 7x7 doesn't fit.



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Just an update on this key for future reference.  

I cut 2 today on Silca APK7R, and both worked perfectly.  

The APK7R blanks are shorter, so I used my cylinder machine to cut the shoulders of the blanks ( levelled from then tip), then cut the Dimple cuts on my mustang again levelled it from the Tip. 

Thanks all for your help 






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On 2/25/2023 at 5:50 PM, Auto Key Wizard said:

Silca obviously manufacture, but no clue on a distributor

FYI all, 


The WU1R blank now available at Aldridges & Davenports also stocks a blank for these key now XHVV205. 









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