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Gravograph m20 experts, I need your help!

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Hi all!

I finally got my hands on a gravograph m20 jewel. Its a 2007 model though, so very old.. and rusty D: 

This is my first time playing around with it and I intend to use it for my small jewellery business.

BUT…. I cant seem to get my head around how to set it up! 

At the moment im trying to set up the diamond drag part. Please see the image i’ve attached. I tried to use my initiative, Have I done it right?  



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As Joe said.

1. Position the diamond so some is sticking out the top, and maybe 5 or 6mm from the bottom.

2. Yes.  It fixes the diamond in the spindle

3. Does nothing with diamond drag. Only used with cutters.

4. The diamond and spindle have a spring to them, but they should be koving together.


Some videos at www.gravotechsupport.co.uk/M20

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