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Less waste quicker to fulfill orders !

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Some of our newer customers , who may not have used us before , may be surprised that we tend to fa our heavyweight trophies to resin .

Although we have a massive range of resin , we find that for the last couple of years the heavyweights have been the trophy of choice for a lot of the volume orders .

and here are a few reasons why:

1. They are on average twice the weight of a resin 

2. The detail is far better than the resin , due to the production and design process 

3. They are cheaper , on average 30% less than an equivalent sized resin 

4. They hit great price points 6” football trophies start at under £7 

5. They are quicker to plate and centre , as there is no polystyrene packaging 

6. Better , for the environment, as there isn’t any polystyrene to dispose of .

7. Some of the finishes are scratch resistant 

8. They are a lot less susceptible to breakages 1CDEAE7D-EB62-4E80-9A15-854D5B2C3AFA.jpeg

these are just a few of the benefits , but don’t take my word for it , give them a try .

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On 2/13/2022 at 4:32 PM, Auto Key Wizard said:

What material are these heavyweight trophies manufactured from?

They are made from plastic, not sure if is re cycled , or not . However it’s not single use , ie a bag or bottle . 
the actual product is way more heavier than a resin . The detail is amazing as s these are injection moulded into steel .

drop me a line I’ll send a sample 

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