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How much!

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We don’t sell Power in todays market, we’ll, there isn’t one for Power.

For reference that item is not a Power Unit but a very old Power Finisher

Every machine we supply second hand is serviceable at reasonable prices with parts available from stock and a warranty.

A second hand 700 would cost you much less.



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I think the bottoms well & truly fallen out of the market for second hand machines on sites like eBay. no one wants them for shoe repairs the trades shrinking, the only people buying them are for alternative uses & they don't want to pay much for them.

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Gave my Power finisher away to a car recovery guy as he had the tools to get it out the shop safely with no damage.

It was for sale on Facebook for £1k and was in superb condition just needed a new dust bag.

I couldn't be bothered with the agro of moving it. Don't miss shoe repairs at all and wish i had done it years ago.


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I've seen some real bargains on eBay, power units going for only a few hundred, a reconditioned one would probably cost around £15k, a guess.

It seems you can't give shoe repair machinery away.


Not many people have shoes repaired these days, area dependant but the majority don't.

The cost of running a physical shop makes it almost impossible to run a profitable business, if I had to open a fresh new shop now I don't think I could, even with years of experience.





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