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Hi All

I know this one’s personal choice but thoughts on machines these days and level of backup service on offer when they pack up !

Already got a Futura Pro which to be fair has done well but looking to purchase either the Jma Multicode or the Keyline Ninja as they may offer something extra maybe 

What would you buy ?

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I have the Futura, Keyline Ninja Total, Silca Triax and 299.

My every day favorite is the Ninja due to its versatility.

The best machines I have though are the Silca Triax and the 299 Unocode. The quality shines through and they are real work horses.

Graham is correct in saying the quality is the best.

My least favorite is the Silca Futura.

The back up service from Davenport Burgess, where I purchased the Ninja from , is second to none.

Your choice of machine will be limited to what your current work load and budget is.

All of my machines have paid for themselves.


Good luck with your choice.

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21 hours ago, David Horrabin said:

At nearly 49 years of age I don’t think I’d see a profit if a bought those sadly !

If you buy a Silca it will hold its value second hand. I bought my Unocode 399 for just under 7k 12 years ago I could still easily get £2k for it second hand maybe more. Silca are the Volkswagen of key machines. Pure reliability (not 100% on the futura though).

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The ninja machines are very good machines , but like the futura machines they have been built to do alot of different functions , and when built to cover more alot gets lost in build quality .

these machines have been built to be lighter , smaller and have a vast coverage , this does impact on build quality .

machines like silca viper , unocode , triax etc are heavy duty machines built to do high volume and last , they tend to offer a key type rather than 1 machine does all , and they do last. the 2nd hand values are good on these silca heavy duty machines , ive had a viper for over 15 years and its still working hard and still earning its corn.

but at the end of the day it depends what it is you hope to achieve by the machine purchase , what extra do you hope to gain from the machine , you can then match the machine to your extended coverage needs.

i have the ninja laser on the back of a van and it is a good machine that hasnt let me down . but coverage will be much the same as futura

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