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Happy new year everyone .

the all new 420 page retail brochure will be mailed out on 17th January , so look out for your copy . Along with the trade pack we will be sending extra copies for you to distribute. 
this years book includes 2500 all new items . 
if you are an existing customer, you’ll automatically receive yours . If not drop me  a line and I’ll get you set up 63CCB6B0-4555-4977-BE1D-08C4E3F4AD1F.jpeg

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That is good news about the catalogue coming out however I wish you and other suppliers would not put your own details on them eg reference to trendsettingtrophies because this now leads the public to look online where they can be directed away from the shop they originally purchased the catalogue from. I feel once public go online they end up seeing all the sellers who sell for discounted prices. 

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I think people that go on line for trophies will find what they want up there anyway . The trendsetting is a brand & we want customers to come in the shop and ask for that brochure. No difference to just rewards , trophy street or trophies for titles . The other thing is a lot of the online people we deal with , like to sell at brochure prices , but it’s like shops you always get someone who wants to give stuff away . 
Our 2022 product is really great ( I’ve got to say that ).

here’s a taster 


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