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First of all happy new year to all my followers .. let’s hope , that 2022 ,from a business point of view has a very different start to 21 .
A new year in a lot of respects , is like a new start for a lot of businesses . 
In the trophy trade the bond between supplier has always been a strong one . In fact very strong . A little bit like the bond with a bank , accountant or solicitor. You often think about changing, but then it seems like a lot of hassle you can do without . So the relationship carry’s on . It may be that the retailer , moves to another supplier , giving them a little offering , but the main provider, is still there . 
Normally if the retailer is going to alter their buying pattern, it happens at this time of year . All the trophy wholesalers bring out their shiny new brochures, and it’s tempting . There’s usually a trade show in January , this year it’s Team Roadshows 24-25 Jan Walsall Football Club Limited . So plenty to tempt customers.
This year is slightly different , though . With the pandemic , not every supplier will have a brochure in time for the start of the year . Mainly due to pricing and stock concerns. Some may not even produce a new brochure this year .
So if you’re thinking of making the change , why choose Trend (the uks leading trade supplier of trophies and awards )? Here’s 10 good reasons .
1. 420 page brochure available January (available to view on line now )
2. Over 2500 new items 
3. 95% of new product available end of January 
4. Competitively priced product 
5. Images and prices for your website available now 
6.Fantastic service 
7. Staff who care 
8.Fast delivery 
9.Awesome carriage deals 
10. We always get back to our customers 

If you would like a chat or more information please drop me a line 


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