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9 hours ago, Count Muppet said:

They don’t lose them

they decide that we’re beneath them and that we don’t deserve the respect to bother to find their ticket.

they soon find it when you refuse to give their stuff back

one of my customers gave me a gold watch for repairing, lost his ticket - then sent a relative in to collect, I refused he went berserk as was a present, I told him the receipt was his 'claim' on the watch and before handing this over I wanted more proof etc

this went on a while, after satisfying me that the ownership was indeed his I relased it, later about two weeks a member of the family came to see me and 'thanked me' assuring me I done the right thing this watch was way over £1000 and irreplaceable - never saw the guy again but according to his family learned the lesson, we are holders of there goods. If you don't respect your ticket why bother issuing them?

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