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Union Security key ID assistance

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I've come across a few of these in the past. I'm of the belief they are indeed a part of Union's security section range that's not really documented anywhere. They are 5 and 6 pin versions I think, but most I see floating around online are 5 pin. I could be confusing the 6 pin version with some other section. There's a few variant sections and I don't have enough information to distinguish one from another unfortunately but they all look related to each other so I imagine there's a pass key section out there somewhere. I'd love to know more about them myself. There's one available on Duffells if you search for "Union SAF" you can see it's closely related but it's not the exact section you posted, it's a small lead though.

There's enough meat on that key to run it through a profile duplicator like xcut or easi entry, I'm uncertain if these are patented, there's so little information out there about them that I doubt they're protected otherwise they'd make it quite well known. Maybe someone can invite you to get a blank made for you. Sorry I can't help any more than that.

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Thanks nxasdf & keyman for your assistance and information.

The key is for a fishing club gate near me, the customer can obtain  the key from the club for £10. 

Customer thought these can be cut from key cutters at lower price, but looking at it , even if we manage to get the blanks , the price would be more than £10.

So, probably, No point trying to obtain these blanks unless one of the suppliers can provide them at reasonable price !   

Thanks again .. 

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On 4/22/2022 at 10:08 AM, grahamparker said:

Assa Abloy do not do CHEAP !!!!.

Cut keys from them require a bank loan.

The £10 per key charge is possibly subsidised by the club or they have not checked out recent pricing.

You are right about this key Graham,

Customer come back today saying the fishing Club wants £25 for a key !! 


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