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Hi Guys,

This has been up here for a couple of weeks with completion low.  So far we have only 20 completed questionnaires.  The site is starting to get a lot of traffic and queries from customers looking for repairs, keys cut and other services.

I think its a good tool for the industry as the price structures that the end user see is limited.   While we will see a better structure from across the country when results are released here.  You don't have to use your real name, you don't have to use your go-to email (create a new Gmail if you want) .Try to use the correct region as it helps accuracy. 

Nobody gets to see your specific information.  UAP don't even have access to anything. 

If we don't get at least 70 entries them i'm afraid it wont be worth compiling the results this year and probably moving forward.

I have wrote up many reviews for members here on the directory which helps with SEO and ranking their sites on GMB.  If you aren't listed yet, fill in the survey, and use the contact form to get your business reviewed and i will prioritise getting it listed.

Do you just do car keys?  Great.  Just select the car keys tab at the start of the survey and you don't even see the other questions not related to car keys.  Same with Watch repairs etc... It's customised for you so you dont have to fill out unnecessary questions.  https://whatsthedamage.net/survey/

Search Queries recently: (including one quite amusing one)






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1 hour ago, Dave the locksmith said:

Some of the prices are a bit out !!

To open and change a chubb detainer £195 ?

RRP on the lock is £225.00

That's why your input is requested.  These questions are new to the survey.  It was mostly based around shoe repair, key cutting but as many are diversifying into car keys and locksmithing, i have added a more of this.  This is a placeholder price until i receive more feedback.

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