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New Kinetica K4 cylinder comming soon

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Ive been sent a few of UAP's latest line of 3 start locks to have a play with , these will be available in the near future from uap 


The New Kinetica is a dimple lock , 6 pins complete with anti picks and a side bar , in addition it also has 5 wafers to deal with as well forming the snake pattern on one side of the key , so like a combination between a dimple lock and wafer lock in one.

the keys are below 


very nice looking lock , complete with anti snap , anti bump protection as with kinetica range , the plastic head is a special plastic that gives covid protection , the snake pattern wafers have 3125 different combinations as well so these will be random in production as well , with 3125 wafer differs and 6 dimple pins differs , the differ potential is huge when combining the 6 dimple pins and 5 wafers seperate differs.

all in all a nicely thought out new lock , not undefeatable for locksmiths , though decent pin picking skills needed and good old fashioned hand picking 

just heads up on the new keys which will be available at uap and i believe will be on general sale to key cutters from what ive been told  .

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