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Adhesive fume extraction

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Evening all,

I'm coming to the end of a very long shop re-fit which has involved enclosing all repair machinery into a workshop within my shop, I have a window which has worked perfectly for fume ventaltion in the smmer months but I need to get organised for winter (when the window will need to be closed more)

I know I can buy specialist work stations that have ventaltion systems but I want to fit an extractor fan that vents from floor level to the outside. My question is, does anyone have a simular set up and have any advice?

I have a fan simular to this on my laser engraver which is perfect for fumes but would this handle adhesive fumes?


Cheers all.


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2 hours ago, MartyCoggs said:

Hey Paul,

My daughter has a system in here training academy to extract fumes while teaching Acrylic Nails etc. It's portable and uses activated charcoal and can be vented via a tube through a window if needed. I'll ask her where she got it and let you know.

Cheers Martin, much appreciated. 

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20 hours ago, Flash said:

You would need to consider fire risk assessment before installing D.I.Y. ventilation on flammable fumes.

Correct me if I am wrong but having done some research the fumes are VERY unlikely to ignite, unless contained in an air tight area. The fact we have air flow through the workshop from a doorway and window (plus vent above the window when closed) will allow the fumes to be diluted to any problem there may of been. 

Please tell if i am wrong as I need to get this right. I have learned that i'll need to filter through a carbon filter to reduce the smell to the surrounding area.

Cheers, Paul 

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47 minutes ago, Flash said:

I assumed your intention was to use some type of ducting to expel the fumes to open air, in which case the choice of motor could be important.

That's exactly what i orginally wanted to do, do you mean the fumes would be dangerous at the point they pass through the fan? My belief is that as the fumes will be mixed with oxagen (and so diluted) there should be no issues. Am I wrong? Appreciate your feedback.

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I bought a unit off widespread solutions a few years ago ,and was designed to pull fumes through charcoal filter then back into The workspace which in fairness did work well but I opted for option of after going through the filters ducting it outside and that worked perfectly with no fumes outside either

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