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Thanks all for your help with this Window Handle key.

Finally managed to find the correct key for it winch is Hoppe H001, also known as " Hoppe 1884371 , Hoo1-2321707" .

This no available by regular suppliers we order from and only can be found on Replacementkeys website incase anyone come across them in the future. 


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On 7/31/2021 at 11:31 AM, exp121260 said:

Hi OS Keys, 

Keys arrived next day .. Thanks 

Unfortunately none worked ! 

Any other suggestions ? 



sorry for the late reply, been abroad for the last couple of weeks. your more than welcome to return them.

can i ask the one if replacement keys was it the same length and profile as the other ones?



Office Specialties Keys

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Hi ,

No worries,I will keep the keys. 

Yes, it can be copied on HPP1R. 

I didn't order one from replacement keys, I looked at the photo in  their website ( see my previous post) , using my cylinder machine , cut it on HPP1R , after couple of tries , it worked.

 Below photo is the actual working key I managed to cut. 


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