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Cam Barrels Keyed Alike

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1 hour ago, Count Muppet said:

You could re key them all using existing wafers.

If they want the same key for all, it’s probably for low security.

there’s probably only 3 heights for each key. If you take them all out you could end up with a similar number of each wafer.

Maybe you could miss 1 or 2 wafers from each lock if needed?

It is not that simple with double sided locks trust me, there are usually left hand and right hand wafers to contend with as well as the depths.

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2 hours ago, kobblers said:

Why not just supply a master key, if it's possible for the code series involved?


Anyone got the skills or can help with a master key?  That would be a simple and suitable solution if anyone knows how to.  I can supply the key numbers

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Just now, grahamparker said:

Specials are the easiest group to contact at Aldridges currently i speak to one of them at least once a week.

Andi, Paul and Stuart are all great lads.


Is there a direct line number for them?  Every time I ring it goes through to the Accounts department so they can take a message  (at least that was the case on Friday).  Must be infuriating for them!

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