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i just wondered if its possible to sight read a ford laser key, i can read the tibbe type ok but not the laser cut type, i came up  with a code of 1311421353 when i used the lishi tool, but instacode says there is never a number 1 cut in the first position, this key was made in china, any ideas on this please



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9 minutes ago, rapidlocks said:

yes you can site read an HU101 , you can also measure with calipers/verniers , your picture quality is awful to get a good site read from , that or my aging eyes have deteriorated further , you need a much clearer photo to get an accurate site read.

Not your eyes. The photo is awful

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depends pretty much on year for ford , the old series 1 - 4000 end with a 2 cut and only 5 possible combinations for last 3 cuts , this is by far the most common external track ford lock you will see in uk.

the internal track HU198 differs as do the various extended series as do usa model series of hu101 . the 80001 series can end in 2,3,4 or 5 but never 1 , normally last 2 cuts are either even or both odd cuts , most commonly both odd cuts .

so better photo and model and year will help others help you.

there are only 5 key heights so easily site read 

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