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I've put that 2189 in Silca key program with the prefix HD(2189) and had a hit for a Harley on CH9T, if you use Silca car book 4 and go to page 386 it has a list of prefix adds to run through the system, hope that helps, if they're all CH9T then try the prefix HMC for the 5 digit codes, as this also brings up CH9T keys

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I am guessing it is a tubular key but...

if it is tubular, it has not been decoded and published yet

Year ?

Make ?

Model ?

Tubular ?

Single sided ?

Double sided ?

if is tubular, use tubular pick and pick to between chambers, decode pick and code cut or use depth key set to code cut key,

Please post result so it can be added to the code programs

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Thank You,

Nicely Done,

What are cuts to code clockwise looking onto the key abyss, to be added to the code programs

I see it looks like you disassembled the locks to measure the pins,

If you had a tubular pick you would not need to disassemble the locks



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