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Meronis is 9.55 outside, 7.8 inside.

It seems we use CH9T blanks without an issue. There is a 10 pin card on Instacode, would be happy to give a visual decode a go. From what I have seen, some copying machines may have trouble with the bulky bow.

Our unliked Zephyr has trouble with 10 pin keys, by the way.

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Our Zephyr indeed never produced a working key for Bulldog locks, an even worse track record than yours. At the time of giving up with it, I thought that perhaps the cutter diameter of the Zephyr is suited for 7-pin locks. Even the Fiamma 9-pin ones don't copy correctly. The Triax, however, has a 10-pin card, which stipulates a different cutter. 

The full truth is still unclear, perhaps these few customers just weren't of the moanful type.


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