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Watch screws - anyone know where I'd get a mixed pack? Ideally not Cousins....

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Anyone know, other than Cousins ideally, where I'd get a MIXED pack of various working on-watches-sized screws?

What I NEED are some screws to reattach a cheap knock-off case back to the bracelet - there's eight of them missing somehow. But also in general I do frequently find it would be handy to have some tiny screws for things like the battery straps on quality watches for spares.


Pictures are to make the point, they're not of the actual watch itself.



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5 hours ago, cowers lane 583 said:

Don't worry about paying. The expense is negligible. A friend also went out of business and gave me a lot of excess stock, but what is the name of your business again?


Trotters Independent Trading. \:D/

haha I'lll DM you - don't want it getting picked up by the search engines.


If you ever need anything from me, please ask!

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