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Engraving to charge or not to charge

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I'd like your thoughts on this please.

Every year I have a order from a football club over 1k never charged for the engraving before. as it's just  Club & season . But this year they want individual names on alot more work.  what would you do?

Many thanks 

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Surely it depends on the nett value of the order and how many trophies are required.

100 trophies @ 1.00 each or 10 trophies at 100.00 each

Also depends on your nett costs and what profit you are making.

Any trophy over £25.00 retail we engrave for free, cups being the one exception we always charge to engrave unless it is more than £350.00

If a customer wants a £3.50 trophy we would then charge a minimum of £2.00 per trophy to engrave.

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Also depends on what software / machinery set-up you have. With the right tools its just a spreadsheet so they can send you names and it's hardly anymore work.

As a rule I charge £2 for engraving a one off trophy bought from me unless they are associated with one of the clubs i do work in which case it's free.

It's all down to exactly how much more work is needed. I would say that tell them its an extra 50p/£1 per plate for individual items due to the fact you have to change the set up each time.

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On 6/9/2021 at 7:26 AM, k4mrc said:

Ebay and Amazon offer free engraving on most of their trophies?

I've had this 'thrown in my face when talking to some customer's"



That's exactly why I stopped selling on eBay and Amazon. Can't make a profit after seller fees, free postage, free engraving and they can return for a refund if they don't like the look of it.

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