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2 hours ago, Gray said:

Michael. Standard do them comes with a tool which is bloody expensive for what it is. Get your blade tell them you don't want the tool and I'll lend you the tool I have. 


Not to difficult to make one, flat piece of steel 6-8 inch long 2 holes drilled same distance apart as holes in blade at one end, drive in 2 pins same diameter of holes, job done.

If I remember correctly blade is reverse thread.

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On 6/3/2021 at 2:53 PM, Michael said:

I have this model but in much worse condition!!!

Any idea if I can get a replacement blade, and how do I remove the old one???

Yes blades are available and easy enough to remove without the tool. First you have to unscrew the bottom roller then get a screwdriver in one of the holes and a sharp tap with hammer loosens it enough to unscrew by hand (Note the blade is a left hand thread)


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