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Looking to replicate a tag exactly or at least find out the machine that was used?

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to have a tag replicated for my cat that just passed away at 18 years. I've had her since the very beginning and we had tons of history together, including moving from Victoria BC to San Diego, and I must have lost her original tag somewhere along the way. I don't know how because I still have the collar, with an empty split ring on it. I have ripped apart my home trying to find it for her memorial, and have had absolutely no luck with trying to find somebody who can duplicate it as nobody can match the specific typeface that was used on hers in 2003. I've been through all of etsy, amazon, ebay, the pet stores and hardware stores, wal-mart, you name it. The tag was made at some mall kiosk in Canada back in 2003 by my dad. It's rotary engraved I think, maybe Diamond Drag. A very narrow/condensed sans serif typeface with similarly narrow art-deco style figures (numbers). This is about all I know about the specifics of the tag.

It is really, really important to me that I get an exact replica made with the letters and numbers both looking just like the ones in the image I posted. The closest I've gotten was a seller on etsy (EngravedCreations, or Loveyourtag on ebay if you need to see more examples of the character sets.) who made the tag incorrectly and doesnt respond to messages. But the numbers looked right and so I know they had the right machine. Does anyone here have this same machine? Or do you know what the machine is, know somebody with one, can anyone help me?? 

Please, I know it seems like nothing. Its just a tag. Just a name and a phone number. It won't bring my cat back. But I'm devastated that I lost her tag and having a replica made means the world to me and would alleviate some of my grief.



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16 minutes ago, exp121260 said:

Many members on here can do this  ! 

I have this tag and can engrave it for you but I am not sure if the font will be exactly the same. 

Lets see if anyone else volunteer to make one for you 



Thank you! The tag is easy, I could even order the blanks and provide them to whomever can match the engraving - its the font that I'm having trouble with. It needs to be exact :(

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This is the closest I've gotten, the numbers are just about perfect (a slight difference with the nine). I had asked for this narrow font to be used because I think its the right one but without seeing the same characters used in my cats name, its harder to tell. but here are the images if that helps anyone tell whether their machine can match this text or not?




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