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T. Colledge & IKS (west)

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Hi all,

Just went on line to check out a key cross reference and I see IKS (Independent Key Supplies) website has been relaunched.  Going down the rabbit hole further I discover that the contact address is none other than 26 Clothier Road, home of T.Colledge & Son. "Nothing wrong with that"  I hear you say, Colledges have obviously made an acquisition, fair enough!

Delving deeper I find that pricing of keys and accessories are very, VERY close to trade prices, so in theory Mr Joe Public can buy a couple of blanks from the website and present to a shop (that will) cut the blank for them. Similarly, a card of lanyards etc can be purchased at OUR prices.... I could go on but I think you get the drift!

The whole notion of wholesalers retailing is a murky world and to many shop owners it is a line crossed. The historic ethos of Independent Keys was to supply shops that cut keys whilst offering a unique personal service. If supplying an end user, an appropriate charging structure would be used.

There doesn't seem to be any 'trade only' requirement to use this website which concerns me deeply!

Rant over, but please tell me if I'm missing something here!

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Thanks Party Marmalade for bringing this to the attention to others

As a current trade customer of T.Colledge for 3 decades (maybe for not much longer) I thought I'd join the Party

Rob Colledge will learn the hard way, same with his Zippo fiasco on Amazon

Glenway also lost me as a customer with their retail antics



Phone 0117 9717154 / 07386 700552

Email sales@independentkeys.co.uk

IKS Keys
26 Clothier Road



Contact Details


0117 971 2922

Sales & Orders:  0117 9717154 

Mobile/WhatsApp:  07787 11 24 23

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I have really cut down buying from them and for this reason only 10days ego I open an account with Charls birch they might be few pence extra but I rather buy from people who respect the trade. I am still kinda new and I started with lots of stock and don’t need much. So I don’t know about these companies that much buts it’s sad to see these tactics.


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1 hour ago, Specialist1975 said:

Not ideal, openly advertising trade prices of immo chips, TE keys, remotes and programming gear. How long before people start coming in with their own chips and asking us to program/ clone onto them? :shock:

They have been doing this for years anyway.

Just charge your normal price we do.

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3 hours ago, Specialist1975 said:

Fair enough. I thought it was a new thing. Not seen this before. I will "carry on!" :-D

People have been bringing there own blanks in to be cut for nearly all the 40 years i have worked in the trade.

Yale used to sell blanks or even give them for free back in the 80's we have never refused just charged our normal price, if the customer isn't happy fine they can go elsewhwere, many have, but on the whole most just pay without even moaning.

We used to get people buy stick on sole kits that where sold by Woolworths, Wilko's and many budget stores. We always offered to fit them at the same price as if we had supplied them, many refused and we where always happy to see them 3-4 weeks later asking us to remove there effort and fit ours correctly.

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