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Proper specifications for Yale NA sections?

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So I work with a lot of 5 and 6 pin Yale keys, IC cards 244 and 319 most of all.

So Yale has many sections like AY (JMA YA-15D), YR (JMA YA-14D), YN (JMA YA-14I), BY (JMA YA-39D), etc., etc., etc.

These all typically use IC cards 244 and 319 in my experience.

However, there is an NA section (JMA YA-15I) which is a mirror image of the AY section (confirmed if you use an AY section in the rear end of the NA section cylinder).

This NA section never seems to match IC cards 244 or 319. I can't find any card number that best suits the measurements I've ever taken. Not just from one cylinder but a couple cylinders actually. I've tried pretty much every Yale card InstaCode has to offer I believe, including KeyMark, 0.015", 0.019", 0.025".

Whatever specifications the NA section uses, the spacing of pins is slightly further apart and the cylinder cores are fraction of an inch larger in diameter than all the others I've mentioned. I really wish to be able to cut keys with my Ninja to whatever the NA section is supposed to be.

Does anyone have any information on this at all? I've asked various other locksmiths all of which don't seem to know what I'm talking about, but when I get them to try it they realise it doesn't work for them also. I've contacted Yale directly to which I've had no response. My last resort is here. I'm hoping there's a perfectionist out there that knows what I'm talking about.

If nobody knows what I'm talking about I'm willing to post up my own measurements and comparisons and findings. I'm hoping to find genuine specifications instead of measuring my own which may not be 100% precise.

Thanks for any feedback.

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