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Golf spike collars

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I've been looking for months now with no luck!!

T.Colledge haven't been able to get any for about 2 years as their supplier shut down so they told me.

There's supposed to be somewhere in China that will supply them with a minimum order of 3000 but they'll only supply you if you're VAT registered. As I'm not I didn't bother getting a contact.

Someone I know is waiting on a shipment that is coming April/May sometime but no fixed date.

I need about 500-1000 if you come across any!!

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I have some of these but they are too high.

You would need M6 x 5mm but the lowest I've found these is M6 x 8mm.

When I convert trainers to cricket spikes I use 6mm sheet for the soles and these are 8mm high. I tried using 8mm sheet but it loses the flexibility which is one of the reasons cricketers are having trainers converted rather than buying proper spikes.

You can grind them down but the spikes don't always screw in properly and end up cross threading.

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