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Motorhome mortice lock identification

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5 minutes ago, Count Muppet said:

Is it an old Legge 3 Lever?

No, not at all, plus all major manufacturers have there names stamped on the faceplate.

This is a cheap unbranded make and i doubt you will get one matching the case dimensions although a Legge 2 lever will possibly be the closest.

Legge 2 lever locks where often fitted to older caravans we had a set of 4 modified keys that would open any of them.

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The Securit 3 lever sash lock also has the latch in the same position. Stax wholesale keep these. You need to make sure you order the correct one as Securit ( and the “York” brand ) also do a 3 lever version with the latch in the lower position on the same plane as the follower. Picture is Securit lock.



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Thanks all for your assistance . 

I managed to make couple of keys for the lock ( Hand made), both work good . 

It was easier to order one, but I did not find any to be the exact replacement and customer did not want to temper with the door as he is renting the Motorhome! 

Now, I do not know how much to charge but thinking about £20 for  the 2 keys and the extra time spent on hand making the keys ? 

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