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Laser & Dimple Key Machine

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3 hours ago, stevecoco said:

Next question, anyone got a list of the most popular keys to stock

It depends on your area , but blow are the popular ones around me.. 


Mul T Lock 76

Yale Superior /Magnum 

Brisant- Ultion 

Cisa Astral 





For the machine I recommend RST Mustang or Silca Matrix ( Massive price difference between the two thou )

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Just now, exp121260 said:

Turn the top of the handle (clock wise ) it will loose , anti clockwise it it will lock machine movement up and down   , this help you to lock the machine while cutting laser keys .

The opposite is only to help you move the machine around , no any other use 

Do you operate yours from behind ?.

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On 4/13/2021 at 4:09 PM, exp121260 said:

No much available TBH. 

What you are struggling with ? 

setting up the machine? which cutter/tracer/Clamps to use ? or how to cut each particular key on it or .. maybe all :) 

Still struggling to identify what cutters to use, understand the track part but not the dimple part and which cutters do what really

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Hate to over simplify it. I found the mustang fairly daunting when I got it. Not a huge demand for dimple keys around here but glad I bought it. I've just been using the 95° for everything so far. ( obviously not fir something like a kaba,or a double dimple, but not done one of those yet). Unless I get information otherwise, that what I intend to do going forward. Cut about a dozen keys so far, with no returns so far. 


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