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laser/traditional engraving.....

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We run both types of machines and both have their advantages. first question is what engraving machinery/software are you currently using (if any)?

You could pick up a 2nd hand Umarq machine for £6k here https://mrfixitwholesale.co.uk/product/u-marq-universal-350-engraving-machine-used-great-condition/

This machine is amazing and the software very easy to learn and use.


Laser wise, there are so many options from cheap chinese imports to Gravotech or Trotec which could be around the £15/30k mark.

I would give @Craig Gardner, from Mr Fix it Wholesale a call (the website above). He is a wealth of knowledge and if you decide to get a machine from him you won't go far wrong. 

cheers, Paul

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