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i have bought my Triaxe pro  from Charles Birch was a joke, I cannot wait to see them at a trade show so I bought 

software from  Aldridges they sent no problem jigs did take 6 months but at least I  got .Then Matt at silca helped

to load it no problems then went to update it said   software problem that was January still no news from silca March software is not cheap either.

no sure what firmware version i have 3.0.034 54.01 can anybody verify please,   also trying to buy R1 clamp they say I must have engraving software £1600

I  have 2 is 400 volumes why would i want engraving software they say i have to have it .

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18 hours ago, simong said:

ok cheers Graham mine wont update to 56 .00 Matt says silca are aware of the problem but yours updated 

There may be an issue with Microsoft as there have been numerous issues reported with the latest update on Windows 10.

I updated my Triax as soon as i got notification the was an update available which i think was about 3-4 weeks ago.


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Our Triax machine software problem went away when we stopped using a serial port from machine to USB computer port interface. Once the machine was connected directly from serial to serial port it updated fine.

We received the Silca Triax January software in the middle of March!


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