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Dan Mackintosh, just saying hello

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As above, That's me name don't wear it out. I'm not a pro locksmith or anything cool like the rest of you lot, just an amateur who enjoys doing stuff for himself (like hand-filing keys, slowly building up my locksport repertoire etc...) VERY slowly, so far can pretty easily decode various combination locks by tensioning and feeling for gates, very trial & error still if I manage to pick a pin tumbler or wafer of any sort though.  Joined here mainly in the quest to find out how to convert the 4-digit key code for my new toy ('90 Land Rover Discovery) into the actual bitting so I can maybe hand-file my key blank.  Might have to relent and have someone cut it to code though as the main priority right now is to be able to move it from it's field onto a trailer & I don't want to brute-force the steering lock if I don't have to!


Anyway probably rambled way too much and bored folks to tears, but that's me... 73's and out.

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