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Land Rover Discovery 1 (1990) key bitting info

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Hi all, I've recently purchased the above vehicle & is has stood for many years, keys long ago been lost.

I have got the key code from the dealer, and believe I have the correct blank (EDIT- key type RV8P/NE75)


What I'm looking for is if anyone could confirm the correct bitting for the key since nobody local can extract that from the code for some reason (and LR wanted more than the vehicle is worth to cut a new key!)


The key code is 7174 if anyone is able to help please! Thanks, Dan.

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blank number
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That information relates to the physical key code.

A key cutter or locksmith with a cut to code machine should be able to cut that for you and then you would have to try the blade to see if it turns the locks.

Be warned, many places will not cut keys which are not supplied by them due to the unknown quality of the blank which can damage machinery.

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Brill thanks, everybody local so far has said they couldn't because of the age, quite happy to purchase a blank from them if they want a known quantity to load into the machine.  Failing that, I've hand-filed spare keys myself before and was planning to do the same with this blank if anyone would be able/willing to post or PM me the bitting info?


Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.



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5 minutes ago, APLLocksmiths said:

How do we know your not trying to nick a car!!! welcome by the way 


Errrm, dammit! (runs off before they see my face!)

lol maybe by the fact I have the key code from LR?  Or maybe I should try and upload a photo of the beauty so you can see why nobody wants to nick it haha (she has "some" rust and has sat for over 15 years :D )


Thanks :)

EDIT- the folks I've spoken to locally must not be decent locksmiths lol (they were Timpson and a couple of indys though so gawd only knows, maybe the age of the car scared them off or they wanted something they could charge to code a transponder and remote for too?)

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