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Want to invest in our key cutting offering

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Finally it feels like there's a bit of spare cash in the business to invest in some equipment to modernise us a bit.

We have a Mustang for manual duplication of dimple/laser keys - but we've just lost out to a competitor a mile away who could cut the customer's keys to code and have them ready for collection.

I'm conscious we should probably invest in a computerised machine - but which one? And what brands of lock should we support?

The lock brand was the ABS Endurance key that we just lost out on, but it's the first Endurance I've ever been asked for - much more common actually for us is Ultion*, OTHER variants of ABS keys, L&F filing cabinet keys and the Yale/Magnum keys.

Any tips?!


*Don't think I want to cosy up to Brisant though...

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You need to be an authorised stockist to get the blanks for both Ultion (WXM) and ABS as well as the ABS Endurance (we can cut to code by the way).

So even with the best machine which is the Silca Triax Pro by the way a lot of the cutting cards are protected and need to be unlocked by Brisant/Avocet/Cisa Astral to name a few so you may have to spend a fair bit more to be able to do all these types of key by becoming an authorised stockist. If someone close by already is then it will be really tough but money talks in this current climate.

One way is to buy the minimum stock required then sell at cost as it gives you access to the blanks.

So it is not just a case of having the machine you also need access to cutting cards new cutters and blanks.



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