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Whats the damage contact details?

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1 hour ago, ponsaloti said:

I've tried emailing but unfortunately no response (which is a shame).

Email is being set up.  There's so much to do, it slipped my mind.  Ask away here if you want.  I made it for all the members here to try and help with price guides.  I have to admit, I didn't do the reviews personally so don't be angry if you're not currently listed.

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55 minutes ago, ponsaloti said:


But my nearest competition (who's nota forum member) is.

Didnt realise it was a forum member who'd set this up.

Send an email with your details to admin@whatsthedamage.net (its live)

Your potential listing page is written by us about your company and is a genuine review including your services and what you specialise in.  We do not accept paid listings etc.  It's been my hobby during lockdown and its a change from the other directories who just host the site to sell you advertising.  Maybe somewhere down the line i will stick some google adds on it to cover running costs.   We will review your site/ social media etc.  If there is anything that makes you think you stand out from others, please tell us in the email as it will be useful when writing about your services.  There will be a form to submit eventually to get your business reviewed.

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