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Hi there folks, I need to make copies of these 100 year old keys, but I don't know what blanks to buy and no one in town deals with mortice keys anymore. The Pilot House key is significantly thicker than the others (roughly 5.5mm pin but a meaty 4mm thick bit), and has a cut down one side of the bit that lines up with a tooth in the keyhole. The others are all the same gauge (about 5-6mm wide at the pin end, the bits are about 1.5mm thick). Can anyone identify what these are? Or point me in a direction I could look into? Thank you in advance friends,






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Hi I'm working with OhThatGlynn. We've been trying since this posted to get some keys but we're having absolutely no luck. 

Does anyone know any supplier that sells Universal Rim Blanks in 4 Gauge and 3.5 Gauge in Brass and will to ship to Canada? 

We're even having trouble just getting steel ones shipped here! 




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